Multi Point Interface Controller

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The MPI12x is a combined communication ASIC with an 8-Bit microprocessor interface, for MPI and PROFIBUS-DP slave applications.

The MPI12x handles message and address identification, data security sequences and protocol processing for PROFIBUS, the underlying transport protocol. Token handling, error detection and data pre-processing are carried out automatically, relieving the host processor of all time-critical and time-consuming calculation tasks.

Data transmission
The support of data transmission rates up to 12 Mbit/s, the hardware integrated PROFIBUS protocol, the 4 KByte communication RAM and the configurable microprocessor-interface are features to create high-performance MPI applications.
The well known VPC3-series PROFIBUS-DP-Slave core (DP-V2 service, clock-synchronization) is also integrated.

  • MPI communication up to 12MBit/s incl. token and low-level PROFIBUS handling
  • Additional PROFIBUS-DP slave core (VPC3+C compatible)
  • 4kB integrated SRAM
  • Configurable 8-Bit µcontroller interface
  • 3.3V single supply voltage / 5V tolerant inputs
  • Software stack
  • Package PQFP44 (RoHS compliant)
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